Laced with funky beats, disco-infused synths and smooth vocals, the track is a polished example of foxgluvv’s ability to create her catchy “hungover-pop” sounds. Working alongside her long-term collaborator Scott Colcombe, Foxgluvv champions her queerness and love of all things camp through her '80s inspired lo-fi pop. The pair decided to continue creating together during the Covid-19 lockdown period, and “Don't Text Back” is the result of their efforts to lift the spirits of each other, and their listeners. The single is also accompanied by a colourful video: directed, filmed and edited by Foxgluvv during self-isolation.

“'Don’t Text Back' expresses the nerve-racking anticipation of a reply to a risky text,” explains the DIY pop artist. “Whether you’re waiting for a response to a text-argument, flirty messages or receiving news, we can all relate to that feeling in the pit of our stomachs when we’re not quite sure how somebody is going to reply.” Fortunately, Foxgluvv takes the edge of this unnerving experience by mocking her “0800-I-Regret-It” emergency through witty lyrics and flamboyant visuals.

Foxgluvv wants listeners to know that she’s not just here to provide light relief though. She recognises that her freedom to create the music she enjoys should never be at the expense of others. “With the importance of uplifting the Black Lives Matter movement and also wanting to recognise Pride Month, I want to attempt to use the release of “don’t text back” for some good,” she explains. “My new single is now on Bandcamp to purchase, with an exclusive B-side track 'Crush 2.0', to raise money for UK Black Pride.

“Black Lives Matter, Black LGBTQ+ Lives Matter,” she reiterates. Visit Foxgluvv's Bandcamp to donate and support.

With her pop sensibilities and self-awareness, Foxgluvv continues to craft relatable and optimistic tunes that reflect the bittersweet nature of love and life in these unusual times

“Don't Text Back” is out now. Find Foxgluvv on Instagram.