To say that Ethan P. Flynn has been busy during the past few years is an understatement, as for an artist who - until today - was yet to have a single of his own to his name, he has established a knack for collaborating with a bundle of the buzziest artists around right now. Brit Awards 2020 Rising Star Celeste? Check. Mercury Prize nominee slowthai? Check. Sitting on keys and clarinet duties on Magdalene, the anticipated second album by fellow Young Turks alumni FKA Twigs? Double check.

Also working with Jockstrap, Jeshi, Vegyn, TTY and Black Country, New Road as part of the London music community and it is clear to see that Flynn has something special, and new single “Everybody’s Dying To Meet You” lays out precisely what that is. Written in Los Angeles back in 2018 whilst in the midst of a transitional time of life, the single captures a sense of prickly tension and laidback ease. Opening with ominous whorls of noise, the track ebbs and flows amidst its rumbling, jazz-tinged percussion, bristling away before abating to a merrier tone. Piano and guitars pluck away with a carefree bounce, its rhythm catching a breezy atmosphere.

“Everybody’s dying to meet you / I told you that it’s over,” Flynn remarks, matter-of-fact, as that fateful intersection has long passed. So long and farewell it seems, though for Flynn this is but the start of an exciting beginning.

"Everybody's Dying To Meet You" is available now via Young Turks. Follow Ethan P. Flynn on Instagram.