The Americana ode is dappled with sunny strums and a very human warmth - Rae captures torrents of emotion in "Wild Blue Wind". It's simple and striking, with only essential elements included so as to keep a focus on her voice and words; this restrained playing serves to heighten the impact of slide flourishes that soar into earshot in the chorus. It's a delicately balanced gem that hits your heart hard with humble beauty.

"This one was inspired by various experiences of people I care about, and all of our struggles to regulate our mental and emotional health," says Rae of the track. "The song references several different people and conversations, each of them reminding me of my own internal process. We all have mental health that needs managing, and we are all on a spectrum. Anxiety, depression, addiction, codependency; we all experience it in some form, directly or indirectly."

Rae will play London's Green Note on 20 June as part of her UK tour - find out more.

"Wild Blue Wind" is released on 23 June.