Based in North London singer/songwriter and rising pop artist Ellie Moon is inspired by Britpop, vintage Lilly Allen and country music, she’s partial to a bit of brass too. Moon describes her sound as having “a weird ‘80s country edge,” but that “[her melting pot of stimuli fit] together really well and you feel satisfied afterwards.”

“Kylie Jenner” is the opening track on her EP MOONiSMS. Having started making the EP at 18, Moon notes being “in the midst of teen dramas where the smallest of things seem so dramatic and get blown out of proportion,” as a major starting point for the topics she writes about. “It [developed] from me having silly stories about my friends to realising it’s a cool thing to write about - it’s my voice, it’s actually me.”

When it came to discussing the role of social media in her life, she knew she had to talk about something real, something which she had seen in her own use of various different platforms. “I think there is an unrealistic sense of pressure on young people to behave and look a certain way, which is heightened by social media where everyone looks gorgeous,” Moon explains.

On the surface, the track may seem like an attack on that friend who's making the same mistakes over and over again, but when Moon hits the chorus she gently reminds them that "you don't need to keep up with Kylie." Broadcasting your better-than-best life is artificial and when the title's namesake character may be the epitome of their social media goals, Moon knows that this isn't a concrete path to happiness. You do you when it comes to sharing your life on the internet.

"What I want people to get from [this song] is, yeah it’s cool and lovely to be beautiful and have people tell you you’re amazing all the time. Who doesn’t want that? But if you’re not actually happy, and I don’t mean you have to be smiling and live love laughing 24/7, what’s the point?”

Moon's knack for capturing the essence of herself and her friends' dramatic teenage escapades is evident across the whole EP. Like "Kylie Jenner" takes on social media and her friends' flaws, the next track "Indecisive" take one of her own as she critically assesses her own inability to make a decision. The exciting four-track project packs in the nostalgia, visually and sonically, as Moon explores everything through her pink-lensed sunglasses which offer next to no UV protection.

MOONiSMS is out now. Find Ellie Moon on Instagram.