Lead by Nir Ben Jacob, Israeli band Document was formed by a group of like-minded individuals who shared a love for everything ‘80s art-punk. The band is a part of a long-standing punk/hardcore scene within the city and the country as a whole which was kickstarted by the likes of HaClique and continued by Nekhei Na’atza and Useless ID.

The track and the wider album The Void Repeats explores themes of dis-connectivity, digital addiction, the individual dealing with bureaucracy, corruption and the repeating void of the modern life. “Habit” is a brief insight into this morbid world but paradoxically an obvious escape from it for the individuals behind its creation.

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Speaking about the track, Nir says: “'Habit' is semi-autobiographical, describing moves to different continents and having nowhere to belong. It explores the idea that people are who they are because of where they are born and where they have lived.”

“Habit” is out 22 September.