Seeped in retro girl sensibilities, "Unerasable Love" is embellished with sweeping string arrangements that sink and swell and add a dark ornamentalism to the song. The whole thing feels as though it is practically glittering with Shirley Bassey's 007-style diamonds that have been reworked to suit the modern day.

Having started Deidre & The Dark as a side project from fronting Savoir Adore, the Brooklyn-based artist Deidre Muro has firmly found her feet as a distinct talent. She has an effortless grasp for storytelling, at first keeping the melodies deep and dark, uttering each word with a deadly delivery before the strings usher in the surprisingly light chorus. The whole atmosphere of the song is strictly glamorous but stays true to its core 60s pop arrangement.

"I have always loved James Bond theme songs, so I thought I'd just get ahead of the ball and write my own", explains Muro of the song's creation. "Rather than waiting for them to come to me! It's a song about being dramatically haunted by the past. My brother did the orchestration and it is a dream come true. Come, come Mr. Bond..."

"Unerasable Love" is availavble to listen to on Spotify now.