Clad head-to-toe in A.P.C., cigarette hanging nonchalantly out of their mouth, wearing a cologne you really want to know the name of but decided it's a bit weird to ask a stranger that. That's what "Staying Home" would be. It's a track that oozes cool from every pore. One you want to hang out with as much as possible. One that's just downright impossible not to play again the second it's finished.

A slick slice of electro pop, mixing house beats with effects-laden guitar licks, it's the perfect storm of influences: a dash of Classixx here, a touch of Cut Copy there, airy laid-back harmonies à la Django Django all over the place.

As the we enter the dog days of summer, "Staying Home" is the track you want soundtracking those carefree summer nights that involve plenty of dancing and alcohol: cruising rhythms packed with summer vibes.

DBFC play a number of gigs in France, starting this Thursday. "Staying home" is out now via [PIAS] Different Recordings.