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Watch: Corbu - Fields and Flowers [Premiere]

26 August 2014, 10:45 | Written by Jim Fletcher

Brooklyn five piece Corbu release a dreamy, earthy video to go with “Fields and Flowers”, taken from their upcoming EP Everything You Imagine Is Real. We also have a special remix, “The Letter M”, premiering today on Best Fit.

Influenced by frontman and multi-instrumentalist Jonathan Graves’ interest in space and lucid sleep patterns, Corbu make the kind of interesting and blurry pop music that smears delightfully over your ears. They gained plaudits with their debut EP We Are Sound and their new track, “Fields and Flowers”, continues to refine and reflect the band’s blueprint. Filled with spacey beats, wonky synth lines and a warm constant bassline, Graves’ understated vocals - brightened by the layers of vocal harmony laid underneath - evoke feelings that are at one point lush and at one point cinematic; another point introverted and claustrophobic, but always oddly beautiful.

Jonathan from the band said: “The music for ‘Fields & Flowers’ was written on my phone in the back seat of a car on a road trip. It’s about putting your guard down once in a while and allowing yourself to accept something good. The video was made in collaboration with our friend, Maxwell Schiano. Max directed and came up with the initial concept, and we all filled it in together. I edited the video and added the animations, which are geometric proofs of the Golden Ratio that I learned and tried to ‘explain’ through animating them. The song has a lot of connections to Prospect Park in Brooklyn, so it seemed obvious for us to film the video there.”

“The Letter M” (Fields & Flowers remixed) also premieres below. It is available as a free download now.

Jonathan said: “‘The Letter M’ was made from reversing pieces of ‘Fields & Flowers’, and then allowing it to become its own song. I’ve always felt a lot of magic in backwards sounds, and when I was making the animations for the video, I heard the song reversed and sort of fell in love with it all over again. So I just went with it and fleshed it out completely, giving it its own structure and playing new parts over it. I think it’s funny that ‘The Letter M’ is more of a conventional pop song structurally, but all the vocals are backwards. In my mind, the song is more in the intended spirit of Corbu than anything else we’ve done yet. It’s all like a fractal mirror of itself - the videos follow two characters that are really one, within two songs that are really one. It feels right to put it all out into the world together.”


Everything You Imagine Is Real is out this Autumn.

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