Opening with a swathe of mournful strings, rolling drumbeats collide with static space rhythms to shape an intriguing musical landscape. Despite the cosmic invasion and ethereal melodies, “Count Me Out” still holds a level of human reflection, with the line “dragging me down from where I’m at” delivered with melancholic introspection.

“‘Count Me Out’ is about being a work in progress,” explains Chiiild. “An exercise in persistence and listening to the omens.”

With impressive production rights accredited to working on Diplo and Skrillex’s Grammy Award-winning album and producing with the likes of Lady Gaga and Usher, the group have manifested their skillset to curate a body of “synthetic soul” wrapped in stirring inflections and funk-filled basslines.

“Count Me Out” is out now through Avant Garden, and they will be supporting Emotional Oranges on their world tour, including a stop at London's Heaven. Find Chiiild on Instagram.