Clocking in at over five minutes, "DJ Scott" is like a delightful deep-dive into a new underworld adventure, where glimmering motifs wind in perpetual motion, whilst aquatic basslines intensify the surreal feeling of sinking ever deeper into this soft world of delicate sounds. Yet, this is all underpinned by an undeniable dance-pop groove that keeps the song pulsating onwards with breezy ease.

Lead singer Juliette Buchs' voice is understated but embodies the power of the French chanteuses of the past, bringing with her a special unique magic that makes her nothing short of a magnetising figure.

Beach Deep was recorded across France, Nashville and the Rockaways in Queens, and the influences of these respective locations definitely carries through to the end piece, blending together to create something quite spellbinding.

Beach Deep is available to pre-order now and will be released 20 July via Broken Circles.