The refined approach of energetic Manchester trio Calva Louise continues to cut deeply and succinctly, and their new single “I Wish” adds a freshly defined strength to their inventive body of work. After an early period focused on perfecting their reputation in the live environment, Calva Louise showed signs of determination to develop their studio sonics.

A trailblazing blend of pop and punk was immediately followed by a commitment to delivering distinct and experimental soundscapes. Sensitively acknowledging the global impact of the current health crisis and some of the challenges artists have had to tackle, the band members have made constructive use of their time, energy and resources in lockdown.

The decision to view the abnormal situation with energy is suitably prolific. Representing a unique opportunity to push their creative boundaries to the max, frontwoman Jess Allanic utilised her illustration and animation skills, while Alizon Taho and Ben Parker took the initiative to reinvent the group’s live set up.

“I Wish” is an inspired collaboration with Bobby Bentham of Strange Bones, who produced and mixed the track, becoming a vital collective point. While the work facilitates an incisive depiction of their “new intentions and determination”, it also aides a stylistic exploration of the broad boundaries between their hypnotic electronica and the feverish heights of punk.

In turn, “I Wish” signifies the clever concept of creating a hot spot where synth-laden exhilaration, acute electro-beats and distinct vocals come together, and Calva Louise’s freshly unveiled technical inventiveness provides a dynamic boost of hope at a time when there couldn’t be more of a need for it.

"I Wish" and the new EP POPURRÍ are out now. Follow Calva Louise on Instagram.