Founded in Antwerp in 2006, BRZZVLL (pronounced Brazzaville) have made a name for themselves by infusing dance music with styles ranging from afro-funk to free jazz. On new single “Mantra” the group incorporate a wide range of non-Western musical inflections through the use of traditional ethnic instruments such as the bamboo flute but also scales and modes employed by synthesis.

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Re-working arrangements from the likes of Herbie Hancock and Archie Shepp led the band to construct their own forms of free jazz, focusing on collective improvisation whilst distancing themselves from rampant individualism in modern music consumption. BRZZVLL is a group experience whether that be creatively or in a performance environment, a somewhat archaic notion in an age of where the strive for absolute originality often leads to conventionality.

“Mantra” from the album Waiho is out 6 October via Sdban Ultra.