Arriving as the opening track from boerd's upcoming Misplaced I EP, "It Fades Away" sees boerd utilise his intricate production across multiple instruments to project his atmospheric, and calming sound.

boerd's vocals are gentle, following the melody with a twinge of playfulness, while also relaying an overwhelming sense of defeat.

"It Fades Away" is a melting pot of soothing and melancholia, swaying gently between blissful guitar melodies, sparkling synths, and boerd's open, yet sorrowful lyrics.

Speaking about his new single, the Swedish producer explained, "I wrote this song at a time when I was pretty confused about some personal stuff, and the music seems to reflect that. I feel pretty confused all the time to be honest; I think most people do."

Adding more on his instrument choices, boerd said, ""It Fades Away" features my own vocals, some guitars, and an acoustic piano processed beyond recognition for the introduction. I also recorded a bunch of unusual foley sounds that I resampled and used as percussion."

"It Fades Away" is out now. boerd's Misplaced I EP will drop via Anjunadeep on 31 May, and is available to pre-order now.