The track is layered with misty, layered soundscapes whilst the gloomy yet glorious vocals from frontwoman Keziah Stillwell add a certain rock and roll. Western-tinged guitar riffs weave in and out of the track’s muted chorus, paired with the repeated hook “How do you feel?”, and key lyric “Your mind will fester and your head will roll” makes for deep, emotive listening.

Frontwoman Keziah Stillwell says of the track: “It's more a commentary than a statement, a narration of our personal experiences and frustration with the corporate climate”. ‘Lay It Down’ comes from a time of feeling stuck; the song’s almost claustrophobic guitar plucks and repeated lyrics suggests this extremely well.

A complimentary, comfortable mixture of electronic pop percussion and twangs of indie guitar, ‘Lay It Down’ is effective and unforgettable.

“Lay It Down” is out now.