From the very first drum clap, “God Of Nowhere” instantly envelopes you in its warm, dreamy atmosphere. The track breezily blends smooth guitars, hazy synths and leisurely, dulcet vocals to form a rich, relaxed in tempo sound. The edge comes with the vibrant chorus' distorted guitars, which don't diminish the soulful aura crafted throughout the verses.

The track is accompanied by a 70s body horror inspired video. The use of warm, retro-tinted imagery marries up with the ambience evoked by the track, with the darker horror elements reflected by the chorus' fuzzy guitars.

There's a harmonious relationship between the vocals and the instrumentation, the two elements intertwining beautifully in a way that ensures one component doesn’t overshadow another.

Vocalist Ash Cooke says: “It's about that moment in a relationship after the initial excitement when you realise that the other person is a fallible, imperfect human just like you are. It can be terrifying, but it’s also really reassuring. It reminded me of when I stopped believing in god when I was 13 years old. I was at a very Christian school and I was frightened of what it meant, but ultimately it was very liberating. I think we should be less scared to let go of the things we idolise.”

“God Of Nowhere” is out today. They play 31 May at London's The Social. Find BE GOOD on Facebook.