Some things never change…and Provo, Utah’s Bat Manors are keen on this on the lead single from their upcoming debut LP. Band leader Adam Klopp has stated, addressing his song’s concept:

“I felt [Manifest Destiny] was present in Christian faith, but specifically Mormonism…[a] manipulative concept to justify a terrible history, colonialism and genocide.”

Make no mistake, Klopp and company are just as bold confronting these issues originating in the morality hotbed of Utah, though they cannily do so in superbly understated fashion. Backed simply with acoustic plucks, light strings and a lonely pedal steel guitar, the band leaves ample space to focus on Klopp’s plaintive vocals.

Look for Bat Manors’ debut LP, Literally Weird, out 25 January, 2015 courtesy of Bleed101 Records.