The Swedish Iranian singer is at the height of her powers on the new track that on first listen sounds like a romantic, love-sick ballad but actually sees the singer take a step back and evaluate her behaviour in a relationship.

The track opens with a bare, stripped-back piano, where Ayelle's vocals soulfully meander over the top as she works through her thoughts. But it's when the beat kicks in, sliding in with deep-bass glossiness that the body of the song starts to come together and the confusion of her love-sick state is put into full focus.

Speaking on the track, Ayelle explains how it acts as a warning to herself to not get too carried away, as she says "'Mad' is about the type of love that feels all-consuming, the type in which you think you might lose yourself. As a society we have a tendency to glorify un-healthy relationships where we put unrealistic expectations on one another. This may come off as a romantic song, but I think I wrote it as a warning to myself."

"Mad" is available to listen to on Spotify now.