With a career in music that began with singing in church as a child, it's no surprise there's something somewhat reverential in Carle's sound. "Manifesto" boasts a sparse bassline that echoes as if against vaulted ceilings, whilst multi-tracked vocals shift between chorus and delicate harmony to spine-tingling effect. Elements of the traditional are updated with spiky electronic percussion and distorted vocal samples twisting into new shapes beneath them.

"Manifesto" closes with a thought-provoking snippet of spoken word: a snippet presumably taken from an interview where a trans person is pressed to discuss their "private parts" on record. It's an interesting choice that contextualises Carle's work within the wider struggles of the LGBT+ community.

"Manifesto" is the final track to be shared ahead of Carle's debut EP release this Friday. The record, titled The Moment, also features previous single "Save Face", and is available to pre-order now.

"Manifesto" appears on The Moment EP, out 17 May via Bonsound.