Aussie duo ALTA's new synth-pop single “Back On It” drifts by in a haze of synths and bassy beats, with a hint of melancholy heard in Lesser's breathy R&B-tinged vocals.

The track's lyrical themes of self-reflection are perhaps what influenced its somber edge, as the band explain its focus on taking accountability for and recognising your own behaviour: “It’s important to reflect on your own and others' actions, take note and move forward.

“More often than not we find ourselves in situations thinking of the ‘what ifs’ and ‘if only’ - these feelings are all a part of our learning and self-development,” ALTA explain. “Take note, learn from these things and choose how you’re going to progress.”

“'Back On It' acknowledges that we as humans sometimes fall from where we want to be and that's totally fine because in the end our feet will find the ground again."

“Back On It” is out tomorrow via Soothsayer. Find ALTA on Facebook.