Having grown up in Peckham, in a strict Nigerian-Christian family, there wasn't much time for many artistic endeavours, but between lengthy church sermons, the young Aadae was able to explore her father's collection of Yoruba gospel, reggae, '70s Afrobeat and the occasional ABBA single. Aadae's staunchly religious mother would encourage her to sing with her brother and sister: "In her mind I think it acted as a distraction from gangs, gun and drug culture,” she quips.

Drawing on modern influences such as M.I.A. and Santigold as well as the UK funky house and neo-soul she acquired in her teens, Aadae's jubilant celebration of strength "River Of Tears" nails a perfect poise between catchy contemporary pop and the classic sound of her Nigerian heritage.

Aadae's "River Of Tears" is out now.