What begins as a sparse, graceful showcase of A.O. Gerber's vocal talents soon rouses itself to a fully-fledged study in the how, what, where and why of a morning after and, in turn, the night before.

“In The Morning” is the first single from A.O. Gerber's upcoming debut record, Another Place To Need. What’s immediately evident on her new track is the skill and subtlety Gerber wields with ease, inviting us in to small moments of intimacy and blowing our hair back with a full-throated assertion of will. “I only want you in the evening time,” she sings, not in a moment of guilt but composed honesty.

Gerber wrote the track in her car while heading off on her first solo tour. “A really traumatic relationship I was in ended days before leaving and I felt awful,” she explains, “but also really grateful for the excuse to leave the city.”

“The first few lines and melody of the song popped into my head while I was driving to Lincoln City, Oregon, feeling the disparity between my emotional state and the intense calm of the surrounding natural beauty,” Gerber says. “It’s basically about that experience - feeling so overcome by sadness but also empowered to start anew, to find your way back to yourself.”

“In The Morning” is out today and Another Place To Need releases 22 May via Hand In Hive / Copper Mouth Records, and is available to pre-order now. Find A.O. Gerber on Instagram.