Based out of West Yorkshire, PENNY bares all on “Sad Puppy” as she displays her sentiments on toxic relationships and self-worth. Written at a moment of epiphany as the 23-year-old came to realise her value, PENNY’s vocals float around a synth-led, dream-pop production.

Informing the basis of her debut EP, due to release later this year, PENNY tackles her dreams, her queerness and her mental health journey through a series of upbeat, electro-pop ballads. Produced by Will Serfass (WASSAILER), “Sad Puppy” is an emotive and delicate offering with a warm production that feels instantly at ease.

The lulling beat and bedroom-pop tendencies are consistent throughout and met with notes of melancholia. PENNY’s pace allows the dynamic soundscape to build as she delivers statements like “didn’t care to fight for someone who could walk away so fast”.

“I wrote ‘Sad Puppy' at a time when I’d finally realised I was worth more than how I’d been allowing people to treat me - a breakthrough moment. But I still felt so frustrated for ever allowing myself to be treated that way” says PENNY.

“It’s all about allowing myself forgiveness after years of not knowing real self-love. I thought I wasn't worthy of proper love, or respect, all because of the way I look. How absolutely crackers is that?! Not living up to what society classes as 'attractive' is sometimes hard work, but it's not so bad after you realise it's all a load of superficial, patriarchal bullshit, and you can be the sexy main character too.”

“Sad Puppy” is out now. Find PENNY on Instagram.