Greetings and salutations, welcome to the October 2011 edition of The Line Of Best Fit podcast.

A somewhat accidental (?) tribute to the recent Indian Summer™ we’ve had here in the UK, we present to you with love, forty minutes of some of the most diverse and exciting new music we could get our grubby mitts on – all wrapped up and presented by the delectable Emily Mules.

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LA2019 - Explosion
No Ceremony - Hurtlove
Paws - Lekker
Leopard of Honour - Good Wives
Pageants - Edible Rust
Blouse - Videotape
Doldrums - I’m Sitting Up Here In My Satellite
Shimmering Stars - Not Growing Up
Jewellers - Forward Life
High Highs – Ivy

The Line Of Best Fit Podcast

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