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To Be Frank

29 August 2013, 15:30 | Written by Emily Tan

While To Be Frank may be new to many, Frank Pescod has been in the music business for a long time.

His musical compositions for Louis Vuitton and Harley Davidson advertising campaigns may have gained him a following, but don’t think that composing for these projects are his focus. He wears a number of hats, including singer, producer, multi-instrumentalist and record label head. Yes, it is safe to say that Pescod is not only a busy man, but also a talented one.

With his latest EP, Nothing (via Sole Bay Music), receiving rave reviews from the critics, it’s clear that this Suffolk-based artist makes achingly beautiful songs that tug at heart strings whilst making us think about how the lyrics apply to our lives. Best Fit had the opportunity to chat with Pescod about coming from a musical family, the story behind his tracks and making your own rules.

You used to compose scores for brands like Louis Vuitton and River Island as well as TV. How is your approach to writing those songs different to the music you made for ‘Nothing’?

It’s completely different. When you write to brief you are subject to certain rules. ‘Nothing’ I wrote completely for myself and I get to make the rules.

What was writing for these mediums like? Is this something you’d still like to pursue alongside your own music?

It’s not something I’m focusing on, I am enjoying writing my own music and for now that’s what I am doing.

I read you’re from a family of artists. Did you feel from a young age that this was your calling? What was it like growing up in such a creative environment?

Yes definitely, I was surrounded by art from an early age, I used to help my mum in her art shed when I was really little and then I got into music. Me and my brothers turned her art studio into a music studio, we filled it with equipment. That shed at the bottom of the garden is where it all began. I was lucky to have that freedom and support from my parents.

What is your first musical memory?

Ooh, one that stands out was sitting at the end of the piano singing along to my brother play the blues at about 6, I think I must of been.

‘Nothing’ (the song) has a very empty nihilist feel to it. What is the story behind this song?

It’s quite a cold and desolate track, I wanted to capture the isolation you feel when you don’t have that important person in your life. It was mid-winter and I shot the video in the woods, it definitely felt cold.

There is a conversation going on in your track ‘I Lied’ and I read that it was written to show a male and female side of a bad situation. What inspired you to take this approach to creating the song?

Yes it’s based on a true story, I wanted to tell both sides of a lie from the female and male perspective and so the listener could get a whole perspective from the song. It just all happened naturally and I got Hazel Tratt in on it because I love her voice, she sounded great on it.

The video for ‘If you Love Her’ is simple but very beautiful. Why did you decide to make a no frills video rather than going for the special effects, etc.?

The video was created by Andrew Love, who I have worked with a lot throughout my career. We have a great understanding and we wanted to just keep the simplicity in the video as it is in the song. It made sense, and Andy is incredibly talented and we love working together.

The EP has been gaining rave reviews. How do feel about all the positive feedback?

It’s really nice to hear positive things about my music. It makes me happy that people are enjoying it.

You recently performed at Latitude Festival. What was that experience like?

Latitude was great fun, I live right near it so I had a good home crowd which was really nice. I got to open the Lake Stage which was really special, plus it was super hot that day too so good vibes all round.

Do you prefer performing for a large crowd or something more intimate?

I think both are great, depends really. Some of my songs work better in intimate spaces and some it’s great to perform on bigger stages. It all depends on who’s playing and what songs really.

Now that ‘Nothing’ is out. What’s next for To Be Frank? Full-length album perhaps?

Well there is more coming! I can’t tell you quite yet what is next but I’m really excited about it. Hopefully people will enjoy it.

To Be Frank will release his new EP Half The Man on 04 November, and will be supporting Deptford Goth in London on 27 September.

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