Following a bad break-up and the death of her grandmother, Zoe Nash decided to turn to music as a form of solace and self-expression. In the ensuing years, she taught herself the piano, the fundamentals of music production and songcraft, picking up notoriously difficult skills rather quickly.

Nash signed to Atlantic Records and then was recently featured on G-Eazy’s “The Beautiful & Damned”, showcasing her stunning vocal on the chorus. “Rather Die” is her first solo display and a powerful statement of intent from an artist who obviously does not want to be pigeon-holed.

Her instantly gratifying husky tone balances out the dreamy production and dense beats on the track, whilst the gang-vocal chorus offers a much-needed layer of complexity. Plus, she kind of looks like young Brooke Shields.

“‘Rather Die’ was written in response to all of the hate and ignorance that has been given such a powerful platform,” says Nash. “It came from thinking about everyone, especially kids, affected by all of this hate, and how they’re being told that they shouldn’t be who they really are—that who they are is worthless.”

“Rather Die” is out now via Atlantic Records.