“I was listening to Banks constantly, all the time, and that song came from listening to her,” ZAE says of the song’s moody production and meticulous vocal. “Letting Go” carries the same disconcerting urgency as some of Banks’ most recent releases, emotional lyrics underpinned by ominous, driving bass.

“It’s actually the first song I ever wrote,” she admits sheepishly, seemingly oblivious to how impressive this fact is. “At the time it didn’t really have any relation to me, personally. I wrote this sad love song, but I hadn’t actually had any bad experiences in my relationship at the time! I went through a bit of a rough patch with my girlfriend last year, and I came back to the song and rewrote it. I rewrote the lyrics, and reworked the structure and the melody to fit the situation.”

“It’s actually still my favourite song that I’ve ever written! Writing that song solidified the kind of music that I wanted to make.”

“Letting Go” is out now. Buy it on iTunes here.