“It was birthed from feelings of unsettledness and anxiety that accompanied my first year living in L.A,” so says songwriter and producer Alex Utay AKA YutaY. Having been a member of various New York acts including Slow Sugar and East Love, the self-professed “neurotic NYC boy” took a leap for sunnier climes.

Captured on his debut single “Run”, it’s a change of scenery that didn’t come without its fair share of self-doubt. “I was always moving to the next thing, always on the hustle, always feeling like I was behind in some way and that things weren't happening fast enough,” he continues.

“At times I felt overwhelmed and just wanted to stop. Looking back, so many of the answers I was looking for, I only found when I slowed down enough to listen to what my gut and intuition had to say. And even then, sometimes I didn't like what it had to say, so I kept running so I didn't have to listen.”

Though brief, the song - which doubles as the first installment in a string of new music to be released this spring - is a confident electro-indie gem. Set to be accompanied by a 16-bit Super Mario-esque game next month, it melds balmy synth-lines and slicky-produced rhythms with Utay’s confessional refrains across a mere two minutes. It is – what they call – a perfect introduction.

"Run" is available now. Follow YutaY on Instagram.