On their first post-Shine single "New Beginning" however, they'd changed things up. Less theatrical and dramated, it was a piece of slow, subtle electro-pop. And on its follow-up, "Every Touch", they explore another new direction.

They've recruited a fellow Gothenburger, Nadia Nair, to pitch in on vocal duties, and created a piece of dark, murky art-pop. "Every Touch" is a song that's a tribute to chemistry in music-making. Nair and Ylva Holmdahl's vocals complement each other, with Nair hovering at a lower pitch while Holmdahl floats airily higher up the scale. Murky synths set the mood during the verses, for a slow-burning, shadowy song, but Wildhart's pop smarts shine through the dusk - "Every Touch" also comes with a golden chorus. Holmdahl says: "The song has an escapism vibe, and is about a moment you wanna freeze - and stay inside forever.”

"Every Touch" is out on Jun 15. Wildhart's new EP Caught In A Fisheye is out on June 29.