"Outside Sublime" has an infectious, 80's feel to it. The washed-out guitars glue to the Westerman's intimate songwriting, allowing the track to build into an impeccable power-ballad.

The slinky guitar hooks in the second half add another level to Westerman's euphoric melodies, and further project his adept songwriting.

Explaining the track further, Westerman says, "I wanted to write a note to a struggling friend. I hoped it would be an arm on the shoulder for anyone finding things difficult. I wanted to be really direct with this, and for it to feel joyful and powerful in an unobtrusive sort of way."

Westerman's new offering is the second track to be revealed from his upcoming Ark EP, after last month's "Albatross".

Ark was written in between Westerman's travelling, before being recorded in just three days.

"Outside Sublime" is out now. Ark arrives on 9 November via Blue Flowers. Westerman tours Europe before playing London's Jazz Café on 12 December. Find out more.