Brooklyn-based collective Space Captain have released the video for their new track “Easier”, a warm infusion of jazz and neo-soul perfect for dispelling those lingering winter blues.

Capturing the group performing in someone’s living room, their happy ease plays up to the simplicity of the title. Both the clip and song are steeped in nostalgia, from the crackle of vinyl that serves as an intro to the impressive record selection passed amongst the performers and hung instead of paintings on the walls. Meanwhile Maralisa Simmons-Cook’s deft, lilting vocals alternately soar and drop, fitting delicately between the casually littered interjections on the trumpet provided by Linton Smith (a treat for any jazz connoisseurs).

Inconstant beats and a gently interspersed piano melody add the final touches, creating shifting layers which fill the track while still allowing it room to feel improvised. This effortlessness is to the credit of all involved, as is the disappointment when it ends.