One of these was horse dressage. Me being ignorant of practically anything equine, it was silly; horses lightly toe-tapping around a muddy pen, but I now know what was missing – the drama of two employing their horses as weapons of sexual tension soundtracked by Hugh’s “I Can’t Figure You Out”.

Lo and behold, the London genre-eluding collective’s title track to their upcoming EP tantalises with its sniping, rubbery synth line, Izzy Brooks’ reedy vocals exuding a sexiness that is at once playful and profound. Marrying up magnetically with the visuals of a couple teasing each other on horses, the track simmers on the edge of jaw-clenching lust until it boils over in its final minute when Brooks untethers her heretofore impressive restraint.

“I can’t figure you out”, indeed; the sentiment has been rarely more thrilling than with Hugh.

End the teasing for yourself and pick up Hugh’s I Can’t Figure You Out EP on 21 July (stream it in full, here), and catch the release party at The Waiting Room in London 23 July.