vylet uses dream pop to incubate her self-expression, delivering it with great emotion and intense tones that'll cut through you like a sharp blade, despite seeming blunt to begin with.

The crashing beat is like thunder from turbulent skies, cracking its whip on the world and contrasting gracefully with vylet's soft voice.

Although it is softer, it's certainly more emotive. vylet's voice carries the track through a poignant journey of heavenly highs and damaged realisations that enables the track to reach a breathtaking level.

It's clear that her emotive drive is deep-rooted. As a child she learned piano and violin, nurturing appreciation for early romantic composers Chopin and Rachmaninoff.

Speaking about her new offering, vylet explains, ""exposed" is about being stunned at finding a connection with someone through modern noise. I like writing about experiences and emotions in a really dramatic way because it’s kind of isolating to have a huge moment and it’s only happening to you. I wanted really intense synths to create this emotional soundtrack as if to say, this deserves rain, this deserves violins. There’s an internal monologue and a conversation that I sort of melded into one voice - if someone really knows you don’t have to hide so much of what you’re thinking anymore.

While the softness of her emotive work does make her vulnerable, it also showcases her strength as she delivers and channels that vulnerability to her advantage, creating dreamy terrains with hauntingly real reflections.

"exposed" is available everywhere tomorrow (20 July).