Written a mere 72 hours before the band was due to enter the studio, the single captures a caustic grit and barbed urgency that, in being honed to laser beam precision, feels like a natural progression from their previous work.

Gurning bass and pounding drumbeats introduce the track before their incomparable energy is unleashed, guitars shrieking, synth wailing and limbs no-doubt flailing. This unprecedented addition of 80s synthesisers brings extra nostalgia to the band’s rattle-stomp punk, bringing a (brief) glimmer of respite and optimism to their relentless maelstrom of anarchic noise.

In a similar sentiment to its sonic component, "Dead People Are Easier to Love" touches upon despondency as a young person and trying to seek truth in a world that is preoccupied with falsities. “After wandering home from wherever I had been, I noticed a blank billboard, which rather amusingly someone had tagged,” shares frontman RW Preen. “I guess we live in a time where culture is so celebrity-driven and popularity accounts for happiness, it’s easy to romanticise that a blank billboard appeals to you. There’s truth and guilt in that we don’t appreciate something or someone until they’re no longer present.”

Vulgarians head out on UK tour this September and October. All of their UK dates are available via DICE.