Emil and Caroline Jonsson are childhood sweethearts who first met at summer camp when they were kids and as they got older romance blossomed between them. The rest, as they say, is history. They later met Eckeborn after various wild adventures across New York and the East Coast - even having a few children along the way - and thus ViVii came into existence.

Together, they are an impenetrable unit that are able to create atmospheric pop music that is interweaved with stories of their love and their beautiful relationship. There's magic in their music, that features Lykke-Li style synths and bouncing basslines, but is overlaid with a generous coating of hypnotic glossiness.

The song is the first track to be taken from their upcoming debut EP entitled Savant and it holds a special place in their heart. Explaining the tender meaning behind the song, they say “We had this babysitter called Siv who looked after our kids for quite some while, but she passed away two years ago. She had an old zither she played in the church, and when she passed she left it to us. This is the first song we wrote on that zither – that's why it's called 'Siv'. It's a hymn for her.”

ViVii's debut EP Savant will be released in late May.