Tim Bettinson, aka Vancouver Sleep Clinic, is crossing boundaries between his signature lustful ambience and trap, as he teams up with rapper IDK on his latest offering.

"Trippin" is built on twinkling synth bops and an electronic beat that'll catch you off guard, submerging into a dreamy combination of the two.

Comparing its lustful lyricism that speaks of a past relationship against the heavenly melody creates a stark contrast, further fuelling the track's dreamy landscape.

The collaboration also contradicts the initial feeling of the track, as US rapper IDK speeds up the lullaby paced reflection, and induces a sense of slight urgency or realisation in the track's sadness.

Bettinson explains his track futher, "Trippin is the in between space where you are moving on from someone but can't shake them from your mind. It's neither happiness or sadness, but rather a state of numbeness and confusion --- with memories that keep resurfacing everywhere around you like de ja vu."

"Trippin" is out now. Vancouver Sleep Clinic performs at London's Oslo on 6 July. Find his tour schedule.