After debuting the project with a scraping, fizzing instrumental track, "She Don't Wanna Be", a month ago, he's now returned with TVc's first vocal single. Featuring Karl Hovmark on drums, "Why Can't I See You" is narratively pitched as a telephone conversation between couple and drug dealer, and it's a piece of nervous, tense rock music.

The drums skitter at rapid speed, and interplay with a tumbling bassline in a song that refuses to settle or stand still for a second, but keeps twitching and twisting constantly. That makes for a musical mood of being constantly on-edge, and makes "Why Can't I See You" a restless, frenetic take on indie-rock. Odelfelt says: " The song is about manic love. It's about a boy or girl harrasing their flirt to hang out with them. Upon rejection the protagonist instead decides to try and meet with their drug dealer: 'when can I see you today?' Later realizing that he/she blew it with their flirt AGAIN, the person asks themselves 'Why can't I be your dream?' I would say the song describes a kind of simular life as in the VU's 'I'm Waiting For The Man' but in a modern setting".

"Why Can't I See You" is out now.