Trunky Juno, a familiar face from The Yada Yada Yadas, returns with his second solo single, "Patrick Swayze", a powerful ballad flecked with woozy guitars and layers of haze to transport you to his dream of the 80s heart-throb.

Infused with washed out, psychedelic instrumentals and a crashing beat, "Patrick Swayze" emits the charming tones of a sing-a-long ballad while retaining his bedroom dream-pop roots. The verses project blue tones as Trunky Juno recounts his dream of being the late Texas actor, before the instrumentals crash like rolling waves into a near-euphoric chorus, swooning the listener like Swayze's performance in Ghost.

Offering a little explanation on his second single, Trunky Juno says, ""Patrick Swayze" went through a lot of iterations. It used to be a lot more Lynyrd Skynyrd, which in itself isn’t a bad thing, but it’s not really what I was hoping for. It was after I borrowed an old Roland 09 from a friend of mine that it really came to life. After lots of hours working on it I sent my stems over to Summer Heart, who absolutely nailed it, and the rest is history."

The appetising blend of hazy dream-pop and a nostalgic ballad make for a memorable recipe that lingers like an anthem long after the song finishes.

Trunky Juno's "Patrick Swayze" is out now. Find Trunky Juno on Facebook.