After releasing his debut EP Too Many Teeth last year, the self-described "lo-fi pop noodler" has returned with his kaleidoscopic new track "Daddy’s Gone For Cigarettes".

Trunky Juno wastes no time in getting the party started on his latest outing. The woozy guitar melodies laced with hues of Americana sway with the beat in a tipsy haze as his voice follows the pitch changes playfully. But just as you think you’re settling into the first verse, Trunky rips that safety net from beneath you to plunge into his most anthemic chorus to date, complete with dizzying harmonies.

"Daddy’s Gone For Cigarettes" sees Trunky sing about escaping from the everyday norm - a relatable topic for much of the world due to the current pandemic. He doesn’t hold back with getting straight to the point either, as the song’s crux is demonstrated within the first 25 seconds, "Daddy kissed your head / Gone for cigarettes / Took the dog instead / Never coming back."

Trunky Juno explains in his own words, "Sometimes we all feel like going out to buy cigarettes and never coming home. Escaping reality by shaving your head and moving to a farm in the Outer Hebrides. Or maybe just turning your phone off for a few days. I loved the phrase "Daddy’s gone for cigarettes" so much and decided to write a track around it. It took a really long time to get it right, but I hope the message is one the average anxious millennial cowboy/cowgirl out there can enjoy."

Trunky Juno’s "Daddy’s Gone For Cigarettes" single is out now on Young Poet Records. Follow Trunky Juno on Instagram.