Tōth's eerie, disjointed movements are an embodiment of his emotional exhaustion in the accompanying visuals for his new track. He is visibly fatigued by the expulsion of his feelings as he falls lifeless to the ground, requiring physical assistance from the dancers, while his vocals remaining deceptively soothing despite the fraught subject matter.

"This song is about the futility of trying to make someone fall in love with you and the sadness inside the feeling of wanting to be loved,” Alex explains. “It was so interesting to observe my mind and body having that impulse: trying to win someone over through song. I laughed out loud when I saw that happening.

“I wanted to make this simple delicate folk song feel sort of surreal and to groove. So I added a J Dilla-esque lilt in the drums and bass (at least that's how I was thinking about it) and dreamy synths & vocal layers to bring a bit of psychedelia to the recording."

Directed by Kenneth Edwards, the visuals are splashed with colour through the accompanying illustrations. Venus fly traps unfurl on the grand piano - a carnivorous portrayal of the couple’s parasitic relationship.

This performance of undying love has no audience. It’s a run-through; a bittersweet slow dance slowly unfolding in an empty studio.

“Song To Make You Fall In Love With Me” is out now, with Tōth's debut album Practice Magic And Seek Professional Help When Necessary available from May 2019. Find Tōth on Facebook.