The pair’s latest single “Seeing Everything As Though It Is Real” expertly conveys their self-described aesthetic. Alper and Collis oscillate between ethereal verse passages and the brawny, metallic chorus, not unlike the massive riffs pounded out by another duo, Blood Red Shoes, or peppered through Wolf Alice’s heavier moments.

The languid guitars and sweet vocals repeatedly give way, counterpointed by Alper's serpentine chorus rising as a phoenix, reflecting the song’s emotional awakening:

“‘Seeing Everything As Though It Is Real’ is a song about how feelings for a person can bring candour. It's about how a disarmingly powerful feeling like love can lift a veil on a whole part of yourself you didn't know existed. I find it fascinating that we have this emotional repertoire that just sits there until it gets jolted into being, and that love can be a self-referential mirror.”

Tiny Giant’s debut LP is planned for 2016.

Stream “Seeing Everything As Though It Is Real" below, and check out their upcoming UK shows after.

February 2016

24 - Academy 3, Manchester, UK
25 - Borderline, London, UK

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