“Neon Dancer” follows Hawke's acclaimed debut EP Burn Notice, which put her on the map as pop act to watch. Produced by Lewis Gardner (previously of Glasgow synth-pop band Prides), “Neon Dancer” provides a sweet sugar rush with its effervescent instrumental hook.

Talking to us about the single, Hawke explains that “[it] was always very visual to me, describing the secret body of a city that you only see at night, driving through the “glowing veins” and watching it “come to life”. Developing the track to keep that energy and mystery was really important.” Speaking of her love of the night especially in a city, she goes on to say that “there’s a sense of freedom you don’t really have in the daytime, like a wild abandon. You feel like you can run and dance through the streets, feeding off this hidden energy.” That “hidden energy” appears to be channelled directly into the core of “Neon Dancer”.

Classically trained Hawke is well versed in translating her skills into expertly crafted tunes. She talks of an epiphany when she took to the stage to perform her original music for the first time, and how that one moment changed her life. It was the moment that she told herself “you know what you should be doing” - music. Putting her best dancing feet forward already, and with more new music on the way, Hawke is set to have a bumper 2017.

"Neon Dancer" is out 13 January.