Sparse piano and mystical vocals create dark, thinly textured beauty during "In Darkness", which gradually morphs from a delicate ballad into a luscious, menacing ode with distorted electro shards.

Tiger Lion explains how art, theatre, poetry, and a personal journey all influenced The Moon Inside Me:

"I see music and art like and endless path leading me to different places, enabling me to explore unknown landscapes. I have spent the last few months on a metaphysical journey to discover the mountains and seas of the moon, turning to a more ethereal and spectral world. I felt my spirit was separated from my body for a short period of time and I made the most of it.

"At the time, I was in such a depressed dreamy state that the song came to me, and I let myself fall into sadness, I felt relieved. I enjoy sadness as much as happiness, and I feel connected to my emotions in a very romantic way.

"During this journey I nourished myself with art and poetry - falling deep into Romanticism and how painters were inspired by poems and literature; Millais and the pre-Raphaelite, JW Waterhouse, Albert Aublet… I also developed an obsession for Turner, walking around the museum, filling my eyes with the beauty of his light and landscapes. Shakespeare came into my world too, bringing fairies and mythological characters discussing love and relationships under the moonlight (A Midsummer Night’s dream). While I was reading or painting, Debussy and Nils Frahm were the perfect soundtrack."

Andrew Niblo directs the video for "In Darkness", which features two dancers moving in a darkened space lit only by faint dangling bulbs. "It is about the idea of a man connecting to the spirit world - which is represented by the woman," says Tiger Lion. "It is exploring how humans could understand the world around them through a spiritual entity."

The Moon Inside Me will follow last year's Outremer EP.

Check out "In Darkness" below.