The ever-soulful Thea makes lullabies for a new generation who are wrestling different demons when it comes to trying to get a good night's sleep. Her latest addition to her growing collection of wistful and nostalgia-drenched ballads is "A Little Time on Me" and it may be her most impressive yet.

Clocking in just at over two minutes, Thea magically transforms herself into the performer inside a music box, pirouetting as she reminds us all to take so time out, take a break, take a breathe and live for yourself in this very moment. That time out is still important, even if it's just a fleeting pause before we pick ourselves up again and continue to battle the forces of evil in today's world.

"A Little Time on Me" is a gentle reminder to stop the clock and take a moment to reflect. Thea says it's important that “[you] don’t forget about yourself in the midst of saving others, save something for yourself.”

“Classic songwriting with soul, and a ‘less is more’ approach to production,” is how Thea describes her music. The BRIT School graduate take her inspiration, not only from the music featured in films like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Marry Poppins, but also from fellow alumni like Amy Winehouse. Aretha Franklin is named checked too, as are Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera.

This new release follows a string of introspective, self-analytical tracks which see the singer/songwriter wrestling with issues from family life to falling in love. With more impressive odes to finding inner peace and navigating youth coming soon, Thea's impressive track record will be set in fairytale-like stone.

"A Little Time on Me" is out now. Find Thea on Instagram, tonight (3 July) she joins us live for Off The Road at 6.30pm BST / 1.30pm EST.