After studying songwriting together at BIMM (British and Irish Modern Music Institute), pianist Josh Difford, guitarist Laurie White and drummer Oliver Spalding have come out of their shell to unveil a song that makes a firm promise to be an anthem of the band’s live set.

The debut track sees the band adventure across synth layers and tremolo guitars, driven by steady-pulsed drums to propel their vocals into the epic unified chorus. Once it hits, a retro wave of keys washes over the piece, adding the perfect amount of glow and intensity.

Although the track is uplifting, Josh Difford explains it’s about "the horrible process of love turning stale and about why we sometimes tolerate it for routine and security". The lyrics “The ground we share is breaking / And the air we breathe is poison" capture a suffocating relationship and its inevitable end.

“Air Runs Out” is released 1 February via Beverly Martel. Find The Wild State on Facebook.