21-year-old Spalding strides into the frosty unknown with "Hiraeth", named after the untranslatable Welsh term. Jerky, glitchy electronic production cavorts with flickering guitars and glimmers of firefly synth - it's the vivid kind of cut that drags you into a whole 'nother world away from 2017's brutal reality via Bon Iver-esque vocoders, percussive thunderclaps, and a post-rock climax. It's escapist pop at it's greatest, even if the place you escape to isn't necessarily warm and welcoming.

The new song links up with "Epoch" to preview Spalding's forthcoming debut EP Unfurl, which ic co-written and produced with Ed Tullett.


  1. Hiraeth
  2. Unfurl
  3. Reverse Hurt
  4. Epoch
The Unfurl EP is out 17 November via Monotreme.