The former drummer for the grungy Eugene Quell has taken a slightly more soothing path into the realms of The Lunchtime Sardine Club.

"Dollars For Doughnuts" incorporates wistful, whispery vocals and a somewhat delicate guitar melody to tease out the sun. Whilst "Dollars For Doughnuts" acknowledges carelessness whilst getting older, the warming intrumentals wield a little reverb in the second half of the track, highlighting the underlying melancholy of the otherwise summery track. The soft, slacker tempo is a summer essential, and Newton seems to get it on point in this track.

"Loewenstein" takes a slower, almost folk-infused turn. Newton's vocals weave up and down gracefully through layers of pitches and whispery wonder. The soft instrumentals cannot predict the change in tempo as the track builds up to the chorus. The persistent, layered vocals add a burst of sunshine onto the shady track, allowing distorted instrumentals to bring the flowers out even more. "Loewenstein" is a watery dream, perfect for the chilled seaside settings.

You can stream both the tracks below.