This week the UK music press had a bit of an eye-opener after a recent article in The Spectator highlighted the problem of the North/South divide within music journalism and the dastardly “too-cool-to-dance London centric media”.

So, as we tap dance into Friday it seems crucial that the reprehensible justices brought down on Northern guitar bands is dealt with and that is where Hull born and Leeds bred band, The Hubbards come in. A stock indie band to the earrings, The Hubbards are the love-child of Pavement and Weezer with a slight local drawl thrown in for good measure. On their latest single “Body Confident” youthful yelps and a woozy melody give the band an air of nonchalance but really, the balls-out indie swagger closely associated with bands from across the wall is, in this case, very much a tiptoe.

It’s not all jolly japes up North but for three minutes and thirty-one seconds at least, The Hubbards make it seem carefree and wonderful.

“Body Confident" is out 27 September.