With unwonted intensity and a foreboding sense of exigency, Leeds quintet The Golden Age Of TV return with their new single “Caught In Doors”. Searching for her own ‘Sliding Doors’ moment, Bea Fletcher’s vocal assault on the dilemma of feeling trapped and languishing in life is a paragon in the art of dialling up the pressure one soupçon at a time.

A frenetic opening with combative guitars and rabid drums amalgamates with a despotic and pithy vocal in a seesaw, back and forth manner until it erupts. And with riffs The Strokes would be proud of, it builds again until it comes to an abrupt apogee; it is the sort of track that was made to be played live - chaotic, jagged and impelling.

The tension and audible frustration resonates with the song’s main proposition: “It can sometimes feel like everything is piling up in life,” share the band of their new single. “This is about craving to switch things around, change your image, get a new job, start a new life. ‘Caught In Doors’ is about being stuck in one place, struggling to move”.

“Caught In Doors” is available now. Follow The Golden Age Of TV on Facebook.