Front man Andy Craig and drummer Chris Trombley began their music career together when they met in 2013 and played in the band SACCO. Now, as The Gloomies, the southern Californian duo have found a great balance of summer sadness and beach-worthy chillwave, making their music perfect for watching the waves crash into the shore.

"PALMS" is a concoction of charmful sounds. The choppy beat is like strolling at a relaxed pace along the seafront, while the light hearted, and almost dainty vocals bring a sense of youth and playfulness.

The infectious melody and vocals welcome a fresh sound that merges slacker with summer grunge, also bringing a glimmer of sadness with the whimsical vocals that are a perfect accompaniment for a solo summer stroll.

Sitting on the spectrum somewhere between Kevin Parker's psychedelia and Foster the People's UV drenched melodies, The Gloomies take their surroundings to make it their own as they create a hybrid of psychedelic, summer slacker rock thanks to their twinkling organs and euphoric 'ooh's'.

The Gloomies have simultaneously announced a date for their upcoming debut album, that follows from 2016's successful Bleached Out EP.

Speaking about their upcoming debut album Romance, frontman Andy Craig explains, "Most of the tracking was done out in NY. We tracked around 14 songs in total, 10 of those made the final album. We worked with a buddy of ours, John, who plays in a band called ‘John The Baptist.’ I ended up locking myself up in his apartment for 2 weeks and we put down most of the record."

"PALMS" is the first track to be revealed from their debut album Romance, due out 13 July via Thrill Me. Pre order their upcoming album.