The track itself leads in with a frenetic guitar line, which retreats when the vocals kick in, before reappearing periodically in long instrumental stretches. “Repeater” thrives on it's stop-start nature, with jerky instrumentals and spaced out verses immersing the listener and leaving them hanging on every word.

Produced by Oli Bayston of Boxed In, “Repeater” is part of Teleman’s experimental choice to have a different producer for every song on the EP. The band says of the process:

"It was kind of tricky cos just as we were settling into the process it was time to up and off to another studio to meet the next guy. But mostly it was a great experience, we all enjoyed it a lot.

The producers we worked with came mostly from dance backgrounds and some had never recorded a band before, so we were all pushed out of our comfort zones a bit which was great. All said and done, it still sounds like Teleman but each song has a different flavour which is what we were hoping for. "

The Fünf EP is out 17 November via Moshi Moshi.